Effective Pest Control Services & Green Products

Rid your home of bothersome bugs and creepy critters with help from Ajax Environmental Solutions Inc. Based in Dalton, Pennsylvania, we offer exceptional pest control services using a wide array of green products.

Defend Your Home

Our pest control services protect your home against all types of pests. We offer one-time, monthly, and three-times-a-year services. However, our three-times-a-year services are available for residential clients only. Most of our commercial clients utilize a weekly or monthly service.

Upon your request, our team can use eco-sensitive green products that feature all-natural ingredients. Thanks to our careful inspections, we are able to avoid the random application of pesticides. Our fully licensed and insured company offers VA and FHA mortgage inspections, as well. We have protection plans available. With our help, your home will be free of:

• Ants
• Spider Mites
• Spiders
• Carpet Beetles
• Ticks
• Firebrats
• Silverfish
• Rats
• Mice
• Roaches
• Bees
• Wasps
• Bed Bugs
• Earwigs
• Sowbugs

• Pillbugs
• Centipedes
• Millipedes
• Clover Mites


Eco-Friendly Pesticide Spray - Green Products

Home Protection Plan

We perform reactive work, though we promote proactive work whenever possible. We visit during the spring and early summer to provide a thorough inspection for pest conditions. Our team checks rodent and insect monitors. To provide a protective barrier, we concentrate on the outside of your home, treating under eaves to discourage wasps, hornets, and other flying insects. We also treat crawl spaces.

During the summer and fall, we treat any new infestations that may have occurred inside. Our fall and winter visit concentrates on your home's interior, including the basement, crawl space, ventilation areas, and garbage areas. We'll place baits for rodents.

Contact us in Dalton, Pennsylvania, to utilize our pest control services for your property.